Book Cover: Azure Arc First Look

Azure Arc enables you to project your on-premises and cloud resources, such as virtual or physical servers and Kubernetes clusters, into Azure Resource Manager. This extends Azure management to any infrastructure, enabling you to manage your resources as if they’re running in Azure. In this course, instructor Brien Posey presents a first look at Azure Arc and, specifically, Azure Arc-enabled servers. Brien explains what Azure Arc is and why it can benefit your organization. He goes into various use cases for Azure Arc. Through hands-on demos, he covers how to connect to Azure Arc, how to work with policies, and how to monitor virtual machines (VMs).


  • Learning Azure Arc enabled servers
  • What you should know
Introduction to Azure Arc
  • What are Arc enabled servers
  • Use cases for Azure Arc
Connect to Azure Arc
  • System requirements and prerequisites
  • An introduction to Azure Cloud Shell
  • Register Azure resource providers
  • Generate the Arc installation script
  • Use the script to deploy an agent
  • Verify Azure connectivity
Working With Policies
  • Creating a workspace
  • Create a policy assignment
  • Find noncompliant resources
Monitoring Virtual Machines
  • Enable Monitoring for VMs
  • View Monitoring Data
  • Next Steps
Publisher: LinkedIn Learning
Azure Arc First Look