Although I am probably best known for the books and articles that I have written, there are a number of different services that I provide. Below is a list of some of my services, along with samples of my work.


Since the mid-1990s, I have written over 7000 articles for a huge variety or Web sites and printed publications. I can write about practically any subject related to Microsoft products, virtualization, networking, or general IT. I can also write content that is specific to vertical industries such as healthcare, aerospace, travel, and marine. Contact me today, and I will be happy to fill any holes in your editorial calendar.

White Papers

Sometimes covering a subject requires more technical depth than what can be achieved in an article. In these types of situations, I am available for writing custom white papers.


I have authored or contributed to dozens of books, which you can read more about on my Books page. Please feel free to contact me if you would like for me to write a book on a particular topic for you, or if you need me to add content to a book that is already in progress.

Marketing Whitepapers

One very effective way to increase your company’s sales is to be able to point prospective clients to a whitepaper written by an independent industry analyst that shows them the need for your product. I have written these types of papers for many different vendors over the years, with overwhelmingly positive results.

When clients commission me to write such a paper, I work with them to determine their desired scope of coverage, level of technical depth, and ultimate goal for the paper. After writing the initial draft, I work with the client to fine tune the paper through a series of revisions, until the client is completely satisfied.

Product Benchmarking

Is your IT product superior to the competition’s products? Let me help you to prove it by performing head to head benchmark testing, and documenting the results in a white paper. These types of papers have contributed directly to increased revenues for some of my past clients.

Live Events

I routinely speak at various IT conferences on a wide variety of subject matter, and have headlined numerous multi-city, international speaking tours. I am always happy to present keynote addresses, breakout sessions, or any other type of technical presentation. Contact me today to arrange for me to speak at your next event!


Want to raise awareness for your product without the hassles or cost of an in person event? I regularly produce custom Webcasts for clients around the world.

Podcasts and Radio

If you need to promote an IT related product or service on a radio show or podcast, then let me help you. I have recorded numerous podcasts and radio interviews over the years.

Corporate Training

Do you need to get your IT staff up to speed on a particular product or technology? Don’t send them to an offsite training class. Let me custom tailor a class that is specifically designed to meet your own individual needs. I will travel to you, and work on site teaching your staff everything that they need to know about the product or technology in question, and how it fits in to your unique environment.

Video Training

If you have ongoing IT training needs, then video training might be more cost effective for your organization. Like my corporate training services, my training videos can be custom made to focus on your organization’s unique needs.


I provide consulting services on a very limited basis. Over the years I have assisted my clients with issues such as network engineering and construction, security vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, malware removal, and Web application development.

Space and Microgravity Research

Do you need to conduct an experiment in a microgravity environment? I have extensive spaceflight training and would be happy to perform your experiment either in space, or in a space analog environment such as a parabolic flight, an altitude chamber, or a human rated centrifuge.

Other Services

If you have a need that I have not listed on this page, then contact me any way. I am always interested in projects that are out of the ordinary.