Book Cover: Microsoft Windows 10 Tutorial: Essential Video Guide to Mastering Windows 10

9.5 Hours of Video Instruction

Windows 10 Tutorial: Essential Video Guide to Mastering Windows 10 is an easy-to-understand, but comprehensive, 9.5-hour video course that introduces viewers to Windows 10, and then explains exactly how to use this new Microsoft operating system.

This video course also includes more advanced information to help users truly be able to customize Windows 10 to their personal and/or professional preferences. This video series is designed to help you to install and use Windows 10. Technology and Microsoft MVP, Brien Posey, demonstrates how to install Windows 10 and how to upgrade existing Windows PCs and tablets. Posey also demonstrates how to use a wide variety of Windows 10 features and even how to use the new operating system on a phone or tablet. Whether you are just getting started with Windows or you have used other versions of Windows for years, this video series is for you.

Skill Level
* Beginner - Intermediate

What You Will Learn
* How to navigate and personalize the Windows 10 desktop to fit your personal preferences
* How to interact with Cortana
* The best ways to secure your Windows 10 computer or tablet
* How to install and use apps from the Windows Store
* What apps are built into Windows 10 and what they do
* How to play music and videos, integrate with Xbox, and organize photos
* The best ways to care for and maintain your Windows 10 computer, phone, or tablet

Who Should Take This Course
* Anyone looking for a practical introduction to Windows 10 to quickly become proficient at Microsoft’s newest operating system.

Course Requirements
* None

Table of Contents

Part 1: Getting Started with Windows 10
1.1 Windows 10 Editions and Licensing Requirements
1.2 Performing a Clean Installation
1.3 Upgrade Considerations
1.4 Transitioning from Windows XP
1.5 Upgrading from Windows 7
1.6 Upgrading from Windows 8

Part 2: The Windows 10 Desktop
2.1 Logging in for the First Time
2.2 Basic Navigation
2.3 File Explorer and OneDrive
2.4 Desktop Shortcuts
2.5 Multiple Desktops
2.6 The Notification Center
2.7 Cortana
2.8 The Command Prompt

Part 3: Using and Personalizing the Start Screen
3.1 The Start Menu or the Start Screen?
3.2 Customizing Live Tiles
3.3 Finding Your Applications
3.4 The Touch Interface

Part 4: Customizing Windows 10
4.1 Control Panel and Settings
4.2 Customizing the Desktop and the Start Screen
4.3 The Lock Screen
4.4 Enabling Accessibility Features

Part 5: Securing Your Computer
5.1 Creating User Accounts
5.2 Setting Permissions
5.3 The Windows Firewall
5.4 Windows Update
5.5 Changing Your Password
5.6 Password Alternatives

Part 6: Using the Windows Store and Working with Apps
6.1 Accessing the Windows store
6.2 Installing Apps
6.3 Running Apps
6.4 Uninstalling Apps
6.5 Installing Desktop Apps
6.6 Removing Desktop Apps

Part 7: Working with the Built-in Apps
7.1 News
7.2 Sports
7.3 Weather
7.4 Calculator
7.5 Mail
7.6 Calendar
7.7 People

Part 8: Browsing the Web with Microsoft Edge
8.1 Basic Browser Usage
8.2 Browser Configuration Settings
8.3 Reading View and Reading List
8.4 Marking up a Web Page
8.5 Saving a Web Page

Part 9: Entertainment 
9.1 Xbox Integration
9.2 Playing Videos
9.3 Playing Music
9.4 Organizing Your Photos

Part 10: Care and Maintenance
10.1 Adding a Hard Disk
10.2 Disk Defragmentation
10.3 Disk Cleanup
10.4 System Configuration
10.5 Basic Troubleshooting and Booting to Safe Mode
10.6 Backing Up Your System

Part 11: Windows 10 on Your Desktop and Devices
11.1 Device Synchronization
11.2 The Tablet Experience
11.3 Windows 10 Phone Edition
11.4 Does the PC Still Have Its Place?

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Microsoft Windows 10 Tutorial: Essential Video Guide to Mastering Windows 10