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Your complete hands-on video guide to deploying, configuring, and maintaining Exchange Server 2013 in any environment!


These easy video LiveLessons teach you all the skills you'll need to deploy and operate Exchange Server 2013 for outstanding business value and user experience! Leading Exchange expert and long-time Microsoft MVP Brien Posey guides you through everything you need to know, hands-on, and shares powerful insider tips drawn from his 20+ years of experience running Microsoft servers. You'll walk step-by-step through planning and performing your Exchange 2013 migration… efficiently managing policies, mailboxes, clients, and databases… working with key administration and troubleshooting tools… enforcing strict security and compliance… safely providing messaging services to diverse mobile/BYOD clients… delivering voicemail to Exchange mailboxes… troubleshooting problems, and more!

About the Instructor

Brien Poseyis an eleven-time Microsoft MVP with more than 20 years of IT experience. He has earned Microsoft's prestigious MVP award in multiple areas, including Windows Server, IIS, Exchange Server, and File Systems/Storage. He has been a freelance technology writer and speaker since 2001, and is author of several books and video courses, including Exchange Server Fundamentals Video Mentor. Before going freelance, he served as CIO for a national chain of hospitals and healthcare facilities, and as network engineer for the US Department of Defense at Fort Knox, where he oversaw Exchange Server.

Skill Level

  • All Levels
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

What You Will Learn

  • What's new in Exchange Server 2013, what it can do, and what it requires
  • How to efficiently and reliably deploy Exchange Server 2013
  • How to migrate to Exchange Server 2013 (or make it coexist with Exchange 2010)
  • How to manage policies, mailboxes, clients, and databases
  • How to work with the Administrative Center and Management Shell
  • How to implement and harden Exchange Server security
  • How to efficiently and safely deploy mobile messaging to diverse user devices
  • How to use Exchange Server 2013 to ensure corporate compliance
  • How to deploy Unified Messaging and provide a high-quality end-user experience

Who Should Take This Course

  • For network and/or messaging administrators (and other technical professionals) who must plan for, deploy, manage, and/or maintain Exchange Server 2013.

Course Requirements

  • Familiarity with networking and server technology

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: An Introduction to Exchange Server 2013

1.1 What is Exchange Server?

1.2 Exchange Server Roles

1.3 Exchange Server 2013 Requirements

1.4 What has Changed Since Exchange 2010

Lesson 2: Deploying Exchange Server 2013

2.1 Preparing the Active Delivery

2.2 A Simple Exchange Server Deployment

2.3 The Exchange Administrative Center

2.4 The Exchange Management Shell

Lesson 3: The Basics of Working With Exchange Server

3.1 Licensing Exchange Server

3.2 E-mail Address Policies

3.3 Creating User Mailboxes

3.4 Other Mailbox Types

3.5 Creating Groups

3.6 The Group Naming Policy

3.7 DNS Records

Lesson 4: Mailbox Clients

4.1 Outlook Web App

4.2 Installing Office 2013

4.3 Connecting Outlook 2013

Lesson 5: Exchange Server Security

5.1 An Introduction to Certificates

5.2 Applying SSL Certificates to Exchange Server

5.3 An Introduction to Information Rights Management

5.4 Implementing Information Rights Management

5.5 An Introduction to Role Based Access Control

5.6 Implementing Role Based Access Control

Lesson 6: Message Hygiene

6.1 Anti-Spam Agents

6.2 Enabling Spam Protection

6.3 Anti-malware Protection

Lesson 7: Mobile Messaging

7.1 An Introduction to Mobile Messaging

7.2 Certificate Requirements

7.3 Mailbox Policies

7.4 Mobile Device Provisioning

7.5 Mobile Device Management

7.6 Self Service Device Management

7.7 Mobile Device PowerShell Cmdlets

7.8 Mobile Device Troubleshooting

Lesson 8: Exchange Server Coexistence

8.1 Coexistence Requirements

8.2 Deploying an Exchange 2013 Server into an Exchange 2010 Organization

8.3 Deploying an Exchange 2013 Client Access Server

8.4 Deploying an Exchange 2013 Mailbox Server

8.5 Deploying an Exchange 2013 Edge Transport Server

8.6 Virtual Directories

8.7 Creating an Edge Subscription

8.8 Cleanup Tasks

Lesson 9: Phasing Out Exchange Server 2010

9.1 Migrating Mailboxes to Exchange Server 2013

9.2 An Introduction to Exchange Server 2013 Public Folders

9.4 Migrating Public Folders to Exchange 2013

9.4 Removing Exchange 2010 from the Organization

Lesson 10: Database Availability Groups

10.1 An Introduction to Database Availability Groups

10.2 Creating Databases

10.3 Creating a Database Availability Group

10.4 Management Database Copies

10.5 Creating Lagged Copies

10.6 Database Failover

Lesson 11: High Availability for CAS Servers

11.1 CAS Server High Availability Options

11.2 CAS Failures

Lesson 12: Compliance

12.1 An Introduction to Message Compliance

12.2 Transport Rules as a Compliance Feature

12.3 Logging Exchange Server Changes

12.4 An Introduction to eDiscovery

12.5 Performing a Multi Mailbox Search

12.6 In Place Hold

12.7 Data Loss Prevention

12.8 Audit Reporting

Lesson 13: Message Retention

13.1 An Introduction to Journaling

13.2 Implementing Journaling

13.3 An Introduction to Archiving

13.4 Creating Archive Mailboxes

13.5 Message Records Management

Lesson 14: Unified Messaging

14.1 An Introduction to Unified Messaging

14.2 Configuring the IP PBX

14.3 Configuring Exchange Unified Messaging

14.4 The End User Experience

Lesson 15: Helpful Tools

15.1 Remote Connectivity Analyzer

15.2 The Exchange Server Deployment Assistant

15.3 Retired Tools


Microsoft Exchange 2013 LiveLessons: Summary

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Exchange 2013 Live Lessons (Pearson, 2014)