Book Cover: End User Security Awareness

Do you have security concerns as more and more of your personal and business information flows through technology? This course will teach you the basic concepts of end user security awareness including how to be proactive on the road, at work, and in your home.

Introduction 1m 6s

Strong Passwords 7m 4s

Social Engineering 5m 49s

Cyber Security 5m 45s

Phishing/Spear Phishing/Whaling 6m 18s

How Physical and Information Security Complement Each Other 5m 19s

Safer Digital Communications at Work 6m 33s

Malware at Work 7m 34s

Mobile Device Security 5m 33s

Security for Cloud Services 5m 30s

Identifying Personally Identifiable Information 7m 24s

Better Security on the Road 6m 13s

Publisher: Pluralsight

Posey, Brien. End User Security Awareness. Salt Lake City: Pluralsight 2016. Video.

End User Security Awareness